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Digital marketing

Digital marketing

Our digital marketing service will help you increase the visibility of your online brand by taking a deeper approach and making improvements to all levels of digital marketing including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), affiliation, email marketing, display advertising, social media marketing, etc ...

Communication advice and strategy

Available and listening, TAPH TECH helps you set up an operational and effective communication strategy, taking into account your objectives, your budget, your targets, etc ... with tools such as:

Community management / Social Networks

The strong audience of social networks makes them essential marketing and advertising supports.

To increase your visibility and your notoriety, our community management experts develop, animate and moderate for you the social networks of your brand.

We assure you high quality publications, written by professional authors, who master both the techniques of web writing, as well as the functioning of social networks.

Email Marketing

The purpose of an emailing campaign is to promote a product or service by directly touching a user via their email address.

This practice includes relational, transactional uses (newsletters), prospecting practices or sponsoring practices.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We support our customers in their first steps towards digitalization by creating a showcase site or merchant site and then proceed to the establishment and daily management of SEO strategy, natural or paid and thus to position themselves at the forefront. natural results on search engines like Google.

So you are at the forefront of natural results on search engines, including Google, following targeted queries from Internet users.

Content Marketing

The work around content marketing has to be relatively sharp because it is about meeting specific needs by attracting the customer to oneself.

Our editors will create specific content based on a product or service by dealing with issues around it for the consumer to easily find and maximize their engagement.

Too Advanced in Programming & Hardware TECHnologies

TAPH TECH smile at innovation