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Networks & Maintenance

Network Infrastructure

To enable you to benefit from an efficient infrastructure on which to capitalize and deploy the greatest number of services, TAPH TECH pays extreme care to the choices of architecture, technologies and equipment. Our expertise covers all technologies, whether wired or not.

Whatever your situation, you can call on our skills:

  • Audit your networks
  • Design and implementation of a new network adapted to your business
  • Deploying a Wifi network
  • Evolution of your current network to complement it (new users, new hardware / software, ...)
  • Optimize your voice / data networks for higher availability
  • Moving your infrastructure
  • Remote access


As part of the maintenance, we intervene on any type of hardware or software, whatever their brand or publisher. We commit ourselves to carry out preventive, curative and evolutionary maintenance in order to keep the computer resources in their optimal state, to restart the services as soon as possible in case of an incident, and to evolve the whole serenely in a planned way .

Our maintenance services ensure you a quality accompaniment that will bring you complete satisfaction, and above all a true confidence in your installations.

Too Advanced in Programming & Hardware TECHnologies

TAPH TECH smile at innovation