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Our expertise in video surveillance will allow you to optimize the management, the number of camera and their positioning in order to obtain an efficient system at a reasonable cost

TAPH TECH is in charge of the deployment of a secure network of cameras, image processing server ... (technical studies, manpower, equipment). The system can coexist on your existing network by means of two sealed virtual networks (VLANs), totally secure: one for video and one for the internal network of your company (LAN).

TAPH TECH also allows you to connect secure cameras (encryption) in your agencies, stocks, stores, etc .. remote (anywhere on the planet).

Access control

With the access control system, you control and secure access to your company's buildings with ease by setting custom rights according to building zones, user profile and schedule to verify that Only authorized persons access an area.

Thus you can record all the events related to the access control (door opening, refusal of opening ... in your building) in order to ensure better traceability


Malware attacks such as ransomware or cryptolocker are constantly increasing.

To help you protect yourself, TAPH TECH supports you to improve the protection of your data and your computer park by offering you a whole range of antivirus software.

Fire fighting

Preventing fire hazards to protect property and people must be a top priority for your company.

This is why we propose to install a fire detection system in your commercial premises and in your industrial buildings in order to prevent the risk of fire leaving.

Equipped with automatic smoke detectors, high-tech fire alarms and fire extinguishing sprays, your premises will be perfectly protected.

Too Advanced in Programming & Hardware TECHnologies

TAPH TECH smile at innovation