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Website Design & Web Application

Website creation

A website makes it possible to make you known, to make known your company and your values. Like your business card or phone, your website is an effective and indispensable communication tool. It allows you to talk about your business, present your business, your products and services.

TAPH TECH offers a global offer of communication on the Internet. From the conception of the specifications to the referencing of the website to the creation of the website, TAPH TECH brings together all the skills to make your web project a success. We also take care of your communication on social networks and the adaptation of your website for mobiles.

Our web agency is also involved in all stages of your communication on the Internet, for example in the referencing of your site, in setting up emailing tools or in the creation of extranet / intranet.

Web Application creation

A web application or WebApp is a software (or software package) that is used by your browser rather than following an installation on your computer. The creation of a single web application meets all needs and deploys without installation, immediately, and on all targeted terminals.

Some Advantages:

  • Universal access
  • No installation required
  • Multi-support use
  • Teamwork
  • Reduce your support costs
  • Server-side update for clients

The integration of data and their representation through a rich and well thought-out interface allows access to the right information at the right time. This greatly reduces execution times and more quickly satisfies your end users.

Offering the best web, code quality and rich experience to users are our priorities.

Too Advanced in Programming & Hardware TECHnologies

TAPH TECH smile at innovation